इजाज़त / Ijaazat / Permission


 माना मंज़ूर नहीं है

मेरा पास आना तुम्हे

जो बन हवा तुम्हे छू लूँ

क्या बुरा मानोगे


डूब जाते थे कभी तुम

मेरे खयालों में

सांस बन तुझ में समाऊं

क्या बुरा मानोगे


मेरी आवाज़ की आहट भी

गवारा ना है तुम्हे

कहूँ कुछ बन तेरी धड़कन

क्या बुरा मानोगे


हमसफ़र बन के ये सफर

ना अब चलना है तुम्हे

संग परछाईं बन चलूँ

क्या बुरा मानोगे


कभी दो जिस्म और इक जान

यूं करीब थे हम

अगर रूह बन तेरी रहूँ

क्या बुरा मानोगे



Maanaa manzoor nahi hai

Mera paas aana tumhe

Jo ban hawaa tumhe chhoo loon

Kya buraa maanoge


Doob jaate thhe kabhi tum

Mere khayalon mein

Saans ban tujh mein samaaoon

Kya buraa maanoge


Meri aawaaz ki aahat bhi

Gawaara na hai tumhe

Kahoon kuchh ban teri dhardkan

Kya buraa maanoge


Humsafar ban ke ye safar

Na ab chalna hai tumhe

Sang parchhaeen ban chaloon

Kya buraa maanoge


Kabhi do jism aur ik jaan

Yoon kareeb thhe hum

Agar rooh ban teri rahoon

Kya buraa maanoge


I know you wouldn’t wish

Anywhere close that I exist

If I touched you as the wind

Would you mind?

There was a time you couldn’t

Live if you thought of me not

Was I to live as your breath

Would you mind?

Now you wish not to hear

Even the footsteps of my voice

As your heartbeat if I spoke

Would you mind?

As your soul-mate on this journey

You wish now I never tread

As your shadow if I followed

Would you mind?

As two bodies and one soul

We were that intimate once

The spirit of your soul if I be

Would you mind?


Author: Sumit

Sumit Sharma is an engineer by education, a management professional by career, and a writer by inspiration. He has lived in several parts of India, savoring the diversity of its culture, and is now settled in Delhi. Writing has been cathartic - an inspirational journey marked by spontaneity and fulfillment. Sumit has been a columnist and written for some industry leading publications in India and US.

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