तन्हाई / Tanhai / Loneliness


खुद से मिलने  का मौका  ना मिलता

मिलती  मुझसे ना तन्हाई  अगर

आकर  वो कहती बातें  करो न

मुझसे ना जाने डरते  क्यों सब


मैं भी तरस  खा हामी  भरता  पर

शब्दों  की भाषा ना चलती  उधर

ले  जाती बिन  बोले गहराईयों  में

पहुँच न पाता समय  जिधर


वहाँ न एहसास कोई  ग़म ना ख़ुशी

ना शब्दों  के स्वर ना तन  ही तत्पर

मन चंचल  नहीं वहाँ सब है  निशचल


दिल  को न होता आभास  धड़कनों का

आँखों  से होते सब  चित्र  भी ओझल

जागता  या सोता नहीं चिंता उधर


ऐसे  में मुझसे मुझको मिलाती

कभी जो न देखा तन्हाई दिखलाती

अफ़सोस  देर तक न ये मंज़र  ठहरता

अचानक  मझधार मुझे छोड़  जाती


फिर ग़म के वोह लम्हे धड़कनों का वो शोर

फिर मन होता चंचल समय देता  ज़ोर

मैं चिल्लाने  लगता बुलाता उसे

मैं डरता  नहीं करो  बातें  मुझसे



 Khud se milne ka mauka na millta

Miltee mujhse na tanhai agar

Aakar woh kehti batein karo na

Mujhse na jane darte kyon sab


Main bhi taras kha haami bharta par

Shabdon ki bhasha na chalti udhar

Le jaati bin bole gehraiyon mein

Pahunch na paata samay jidhar


Wahan na ehsaas na gham na khushi

Na shabdon ke swar na tan hi tatpar

Man  chanchal nahinl wahan sab hai nishchal


Dil ko na hota aabhaas dharkanon ka

Aankhon se hote sab chitra bhi ojhal

Jagta  ya sota nahin chinta udhar


Aise mein mujhse mujhko milati

Kabhie jo na dekha tanhai dikhlati

Afsos deir tak na ye manzar thaharta

Achaanak majhdhaar mujhe chhod jati


Phir gham ke woh lamhe dharkanon ka wo shor

Phir man hota chanchal samay deta zor

Main chillane lagta bulaata use

Main darta nahin karo baatein mujhse



 I met myself one lonely day

When loneliness had this to say

Oh talk to me she said to me

Why everyone of me is so afraid

I remember I nod I condescend

But words she doesn’t understand

Without a word she whisks me away

Some place where time has little sway

In depths unexplored I find myself

Without any feelings of sadness or joy

No sound of words no body agile

Serenity reigns over the mind

Existence at rest is all you find


The heart’s unaware of its own beat

The eyes forsake their vision’s treat

My senses won’t tell me if I’m asleep

Anxiety for once has no one to slay

Here and now I meet myself

Where I’d never been I now dwell

Alas this doesn’t last too long

Loneliness leaves as swiftly as she’d come

The sadness returns and I sense again

The heart beating loud and the mind stir

And time dare me like it did before

I shout out loud and call after her

Don’t leave I fear not talking to you

Do come back and talk to me

Don’t leave me alone oh talk to me


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Author: Sumit

Sumit Sharma is an engineer by education, a management professional by career, and a writer by inspiration. He has lived in several parts of India, savoring the diversity of its culture, and is now settled in Delhi. Writing has been cathartic - an inspirational journey marked by spontaneity and fulfillment. Sumit has been a columnist and written for some industry leading publications in India and US.

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