साथ / Saath / Togetherness


नहीं अब साथ कोई  तेरे

थोड़ा  अहिस्ता  चल

साथी  सब  छूट गये पीछे

थोड़ा अहिस्ता चल

करेगा  क्या तू अकेले

थोड़ा अहिस्ता चल

राह  जिसपे  है तू चला

कई मोड़ आये  थे

भटक  जायेंगे  वो  पीछे

थोड़ा अहिस्ता चल

 पहुँच मंज़िल पे तू अपनी

मुड़के  फिर देखेगा

सुनेगा दास्ताँ  तेरी  कौन

थोड़ा अहिस्ता चल

मिलके  हासिल  करके तो देख

सुकूँ बढ़ जायेगा

ख़त्म  न होगा सुकूँ का जशन

थोड़ा अहिस्ता चल



Nahin ab saath koi tere

Thoda ahista chal

Saathi sab chhoot gaye peechhe

Thoda ahista chal

Karega kya tu akele

Thoda ahista chal

 Raah jispe hai tu chala

Kai mod aaye thhe

Bhatak jayenge woh peechhe

Thoda ahista chal

 Pahunch manzil pe tu apni

Mudke phir dekhega

Sunega daastan teri kaun

Thoda ahista chal

Milke haasil karke to dekh

Sukoon barh jayega

Khatm na hoga sukoon ka jashn

Thoda ahista chal



 Now there’s no one by your side

Pray, slow down a little

All your friends are left behind

Pray, slow down a little

What shall you do all by your self

Pray, slow down a little

The path on which you sped

Had several turns and more

Your friends have lost sight of you

Pray, slow down a little

As you look back in triumph

Upon the conquered peak

Who shall you share your joy with then

Pray, slow down a little

Achieve together for a change

Feel enriched within

Together celebrations just won’t end

Pray, slow down a little


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Author: Sumit

Sumit Sharma is an engineer by education, a management professional by career, and a writer by inspiration. He has lived in several parts of India, savoring the diversity of its culture, and is now settled in Delhi. Writing has been cathartic - an inspirational journey marked by spontaneity and fulfillment. Sumit has been a columnist and written for some industry leading publications in India and US.

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