सवाल / Sawal / Questions


कब  क्यों कैसे सवालों  में घिरा

हर जवाब  में फिर नए  सवाल  ढूँढता

गुज़ारता ज़िन्दगी सवालों  के  गिर्द

कहाँ कौन क्या अब तक न पता


कहते  हैं मिले ढूँढते जो  वही

सवालों  के दायरे  में जवाब  बसते  नहीं

ज़रा  हट  कर देखो जवाब बिखरे  यहीं

बदल  देखो नज़रिया उसे पा  लो अभी



 Kab kyon kaise sawalon mein ghira

Har jawab mein phir naye sawal dhoondhta

Guzaarta zindagi sawalon ke gird

Kahan, kaun, kya, ab tak na pata


Kehte hain mile dhoondhte jo wohi

Sawalon ke daayre mein jawab baste nahin

Zara hat kar dekho jawab bikhare yahin

Badal dekho nazariya usey pa lo abhi



When why how

At these questions I peek

In their answers again

New questions I seek

I lived thus life

Amidst questions galore

Where who what

But I still don’t know

What you find

Depends on where you seek

The answers don’t lie

Within the questions’ periphery

Step away and explore

There are answers galore

Just a change in perspective

And you realize you know


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Author: Sumit

Sumit Sharma is an engineer by education, a management professional by career, and a writer by inspiration. He has lived in several parts of India, savoring the diversity of its culture, and is now settled in Delhi. Writing has been cathartic - an inspirational journey marked by spontaneity and fulfillment. Sumit has been a columnist and written for some industry leading publications in India and US.

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