तुम क्या  चुनते ? / Tum Kya Chunte? / What do you Choose?

तुम क्या  चुनते  ?

 क्या  हो तुम  चुनते

सूरज  या  रौशनी चंदा  या चांदनी

क्या हो तुम चुनते

पुष्प  की खुशबू या  उसकी सुन्दरता

क्या हो तुम चुनते

ज्ञानी या ज्ञान देह  या प्राण

क्या हो तुम चुनते

क्यों  होते  व्याकुल वस्तुहीन  होकर

पा सकते  सब  कुछ कुछ  भी न पा कर

झांको  अन्तःमन  में करलो तुम अनुभव

क्या इसको  चुनते


Tum Kya Chunte?

Kya ho tum chunte

Sooraj ya raushni

Chanda ya chaandni

Kya ho tum chunte

Pushp ki khusboo

Ya uski sundarta

Kya ho tum chunte

Gyani ya gyan

Deh ya praan

Kya ho tum chunte

Kyon hote vyaakul

Vastuheen hokar

Pa sakte sab kuchh

Kuchh bhi na pa kar

Jhaanko antahman mein

Karlo tum anubhav

Kya isko chunte


What do you Choose?

 What dost thou choose?

The sun or the sunshine

The Moon or the moonlight

What choosest thou?

The fragrance of the flower

Or its beauty

What choosest thou?

The wise or his wisdom

The body or the soul

What choosest thou?

 Why dost thou fret

For possessions lost

The outer’s an illusion

Nothing was yours

Peek within a while

That experience is all

This dost thou choose?


The best way to experience joy is to create it.
Did I?


Author: Sumit

Sumit Sharma is an engineer by education, a management professional by career, and a writer by inspiration. He has lived in several parts of India, savoring the diversity of its culture, and is now settled in Delhi. Writing has been cathartic - an inspirational journey marked by spontaneity and fulfillment. Sumit has been a columnist and written for some industry leading publications in India and US.

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